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3 Eco-Friendly Metals To Switch To

The green movement continues to explore issues of sustainability and ‘going-green’ for the planet. We, as humans, continue to analyse what is affecting earth and how we can better take care of it before time runs out. Energy preservation is a crucial component of this, as well as reducing waste. The sustainability of a material, therefore, plays a significant role in our day-to-day lives, though we may be ignorant of this. The materials we buy and use are crucial in deciding our carbon footprints (that is, how much energy we use) and, thus, it is of paramount importance that we learn which materials are making themselves known as the greener alternatives while still observing structural integrity and durability. 

1.     Steel

Steel is recognised as an eco-friendly and largely recyclable material. It is a multipurpose metal that can be used in just about any structural component. It is effective from frame structure maker for semiconductor industries in Malaysia to gigantic manufacturing sites that require large amounts of steel for their structures. Steel can be melted and remade into something else when its initial purpose has been fulfilled. Sometimes, it does not even require extensive work to be made into something else. Many artists and jewellers use stainless steel cutlery in their pieces by breaking them apart or welding them together. Steel is a recognisably expressive art medium that has grown to be appreciated in the avant-garde community. 

frame structure maker for semiconductor industries in Malaysia

2.     Aluminium

Aluminium is another metal that is light yet durable, and easy to remake into something else once its initial use has been completed. It is a great metal because it is readily available in various forms, including the kitchen’s favourite baking and cooking material: aluminium foil. Aluminium foil is difficult to reuse, however, it can be done with a bit of creativity. Aluminium is another material used in art and fashion and can be melted down into almost anything. The list is exhaustive. 

3.     Scrap

Scrap metal is, in essence, all the leftover pieces of metal that come up after something has been completed. It is a combination of different metals or the same kinds, and is ultimately one of the best ways to reduce waste through reuse. Scrap is a famous material for furniture building and many companies use its components to create unique furniture pieces for restaurants, hotels and lodges, or for homes looking for a special addition to their kitchen or lounge. Scrap is diverse in its uses and forms, so it can be accommodated almost anywhere. Many use it to make jewellery pieces or in hair accessories. It can be welded together, split apart or hammered into shape to achieve just about any new item. It is a sustainable metal that reduces waste and energy while offering a chance to become something completely new in the most interesting ways.

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