Best scuba diving islands in Malaysia

There are a lot of places and islands to try scuba diving activity. You can find a lot of famous and popular islands and beautiful places that are worth the diving activity itself. The main objective in scuba diving is to experience yourself with your own eyes the beauty and the uniqueness of the underwater life. While you still find suitable places or islands in order to experience a lifetime chance to do scuba diving that suits your budget and other things, you forget that in our own country, Malaysia there are also a lot of interesting places and islands to experience scuba diving. Not only will it save your budget, but it will also give the same experience as spending your own money on the other islands outside the country. The list below is some of the famous and popular scuba diving islands Malaysia that people go either to do the scuba diving activity or just having a lovely holiday.

  • Sipadan Island, Mabul Island and Kapalai Islands.

Located at Sabah, Malaysia. When it comes to Sabah’s islands, the first things you can imagine in your mind is how clear the seawater and sightseeing of the fish and the underwater life swimming without you diving or entering the sea at all. If you ever come there and want to try the scuba diving activity there, you also can rent the on sea house where the sea is just upon your own eyes and you can swim there anytime you want. You have to ride a boat in order to reach the on sea house and experience all of that. 

  • Redang Island

While the previous island is located at Sabah, this one is located at the east coast of Malaysia, Terengganu. Even though it’s quite popular and famous amongst the divers, you can never do the activity at the end of the year because it is a monsoon season out there. You can never do any activity related to the seawater because it will cost your own life. 

  • Tioman Island

Last but not least, Tioman island is the most famous and popular place and island either for diving matters or holiday matters. Famous for the beauty of its island and water, it is also quite popular with a variety of underwater life. It is also famous amongst first-timers for trying scuba diving. Not only will it save a lot of budgets rather than finding an overseas island that will cost you a lot of money. It will surely be crowded with the divers when the diving season comes and it will also be crowded with the tourists when it comes to school holidays. Tioman island is famous amongst anyone that first-time experience the scuba diving activity at the open sea. Tioman island is not only famous amongst our society but also amongst the tourists from the entire world.

To conclude all of this, we as Malaysian should explore a lot more hidden gems in our country rather than spending our money on other countries. It also will make places more interesting for the tourist.