Red Palm Oil Benefits

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Red Palm Oil Benefits

Are you trying to find the best place where you can get direct manufacture price palm oil fertiliser Malaysia for your palm oil plantations? Or perhaps trying to search on what types of palm oil would be the best for your production? Well, well, well, have you heard of red palm oil? Ever wondered what is it and what are its benefits? Let’s hop on to this ride to know more!

Red palm oil has been known for its benefits long ago. Coming from the same normal palm oil, it is extra special not just for its colour, but the goodness that it brings. So, what benefits do this red palm oil contribute to? Below are the steps!

First and foremost, it is said that by using Red Palm Oil in help to reduce blood cholesterol. Everyone knows that a high amount of cholesterol in the body could lead to heart disease. This is where red palm oil kicks in as it can help reduce the level of LDL and triglyceride in someone’s body, both at 13.1 and 6.7 per cent respectively. Some other study also shows that the effects it has on blood cholesterol level are that of virgin olive oil has on them.

Second of all, it helps to augment the brain’s health. This is due to the tocotrienols in it. It is a type of vitamin E with different antioxidant nature. A study shows that it can improve brain function in mice while another shows that it helps to let up brain lesion in human.

Next, red palm oil is also said to improve vitamin A’s level in the human body. This is very important in enhancing vision and making the immune system stronger. A study shows that the consumption of vitamin A in a pregnant lady will help increase vitamin A not just in the mother, but as well as the baby.


All in all, there are myriad benefits one can gain from red palm oil. Choose this over your normal boring ones. Get your own pensijilan MSPO to start your palm oil business!