Restaurants using frozen meat

Restaurants using frozen meat

Meat is everywhere in the dishes we eat here in Singapore! From dishes like chicken rice, murtabak, curries of various types, or mee goreng, meat is an essential ingredient in most of the dishes we eat.

But did you know that most restaurants use frozen meat when serving up their food to customers? But don’t worry! Don’t let this fact deter you from visiting your local chicken rice stall or hawker. This is a common practice among businesses in the restaurant industry, and for good reason. There are a lot of benefits in using frozen meat.

It would be rather time-consuming if a steakhouse were to constantly head to the butchers during businesses hours just to fill up the stock in order to keep up with the customers’ demands. So, it is important to use frozen meat in running the beef business. Freezing meat ensures that there is an adequate stock for the dishes that are going to be served. Freezing meat also ensures that the nutritional value and freshness is still there, despite what some may believe. The freezing process slows down bacteria growth dramatically as cold conditions affect bacterial activity, this, therefore, extends the expiry date of meat that is stored in freezers.

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The Expiry Date

But be warned, or take note, just because freezing slows down the expiry date, doesn’t mean said expiry date is gone, eventually, the meat will expire. This is why you to pay a lotof attention to the steps of using frozen meat, it is to prevent from using the rotten meat. Beef, for example, can be stored in freezers for no more than 4 months for it to still be safe, after those 4 months, restaurants will need to get rid of any remaining beef. Same goes with chicken, chicken can be stored from 9 months up to a year if stored properly, after that period has finished, get rid of any leftovers and make way for newer pieces of meat. Restaurants also need to ensure that their freezers and also in working condition to keep the food safe. The suppliers of frozen meat Singapore make sure that they have only the best of the best quality of frozen meats!