The dark side of the internet

One of the biggest achievements of mankind is the creation of internet. It has only been roughly 60th years since the internet was first created. It has not been that long, right? But you can see how much human has evolved, just from looking at how advanced the internet has become in the time it was first created until today. It was initially developed strictly for military-use only but it eventually evolved to the world’s main source of information and communication. The internet is used by everyone around the world. The majority internet users can see and access the ‘surface web’ and it is a place where many of the contents are filtered, so to say. Other than the surface web, there is another part of the internet that can only be accessed by a few percentages of the population called the ‘dark web’. As much as the development of the surface web has been incredible, the dark web also grows along with it. Just as the surface web is filled with all kinds of information, services and such, the dark web also has the same features, it’s just unfiltered. What I mean by unfiltered is, you can find lots of nefarious activities going on in there like selling drugs, human trafficking and many more. It is a place not meant for the faint of heart. Besides it being unfiltered, here are the three other reasons one should avoid the dark web.

1 – Scams

In the dark web, you may encounter some crypto scam that would trick you in sending your digital money to scammers, through bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. It does happen in the surface web as well but because there is less regulations and rules in the dark web, these scams are less likely to be close down by ad networks or any pages where the scams pop up. People should know the risks when they go into the dark web because it is a place where there is not much law protecting it so people can become more malicious in there. They are not afraid of the consequences so they do not hold back when it comes to scamming people which gives them more creativity in their method of scamming. 

2 – Hoaxes

This is similar to crypto scams, in the sense that they want you to send your money but it differs because crypto scams involve digital money but for hoaxes, it is your real money and it costs a lot more than crypto scam. For example, in the dark web, there is something called the “red room” where it is purported that the room shows live footage of animal or human abuse. The viewers would send in money so they would have a say in the method of abuse and they would chat through the live chat and the abuser would abuse the animal or human using the method instructed. However, some would actually lie and the viewer would have sent the money for nothing. Those who have been in the dark web says something they would air live footage of rape or even murder on both animal and human. It is something truly vile so be careful.

3 – Terrorism 

Lots of illegal things or activities exist in the dark web, although not all but many. Terrorism is one of it. In the past years, anti-terrorism authorities have discovered that for some terrorist groups, they use the dark web to coordinate their actions. In few events associated with the ISIS, people can get information through their dark web site. They even have explicit directions on how to access the dark web contents. Communicating through the dark web is probably their way of requiting people into the organization and to coordinate their attacks. 

The three reasons are crucial in understanding the danger behind accessing the dark web. Thus, it is better to just stay in the surface web and go through legal stuff protected by rules and regulations. You can find so many things in the surface web, even properties to rent in places like Batu Caves such as house for rent in Puchong or house for rent Batu Caves so if you can, try to avoid going into the dark web. 

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