The Many Myths on Meat

Myths on Meat

There are many concerning things about using things around us and this does not exclude the items that we consume daily. People around the world are said to ingest on an average of 75 pounds of meat per year, and that is only counting for one individual. It is important to know what your body consume!

“Natural” meat may not be as natural as you think. Many believe that natural ensures that there any not any chemicals like antibiotics, preservatives, and additives after the poultry or meats have been processed, in fact, it is not the case. Frozen food does have additives and maybe still packed on with a sticker that claims it’s natural. Many consumers are confused with the term “natural” with “naturally raised”. This can be avoided when you ask and check the back label on the product or do a bit of extensive research on the meat product.

Meat is high in fat and cholesterol. In countries in Asia like Malaysia and Singapore, this belief is instilled, especially when talking about beef and mutton. Yes, they do have some contents of cholesterol and fat, but the human body has evolved through many years and is designed to consume meat. The human body does require an amount of fat and cholesterol for cell growth and to keep you energized. Only a few per cent of the fat and cholesterol have an actual effect on blood levels and health issues.

Meat can cause cancer. Many people believe that eating meat can cause cancer, mainly colon cancer. This is usually in relation to the cooking method of meat when it is overcooked, it may have compounds found that is found in cancer cells. This can be prevented by ensuring that the meat is cooked just right.

Stay Balanced!

Even with these myths uncovered, it is better to stay balanced and to find out the quality in the meat by checking on the wholesale meat singapore.