Tips in Becoming an Effective Secretary

Are you now a secretary, or maybe you are planning to apply to become one? You have to note that though this is just a secretarial job, you still have to face with tough competition. That is right, especially that there are now so many people who can qualify as a secretary.

So, how can you bet the competition? What can you do to ensure your spot? You have to at least take a sains kesetiausahaan course. That is right as even if you are a graduate of another course, I know that you can still get hired for this job, but you might not be able to provide that is expected from you. 

Aside from taking the course, here are more tips in becoming an effective secretary:

  1. You have to be excellent in managing your time. You have to note that you are not your own boss, and that is why, you have to be always alert when your boss calls for you. Yes, and so, you have to manage your time well so that if ever the boss will need you, there will be no problem. 
  2. You have to be skilled in researching. You might think this is an easy task but not really. You need to be able to distinguish the key points of what you are researching about. You have to be effective once you will be asked to report about something. The key here is for you to deliver your task in the shortest time possible, but the content is already with the needed details. 
  3. Nowadays, almost all offices are computer reliant. Gone are the time when you have to check some books, or you have to use a pen and paper to make a report. That is right and instead, you will not use a computer to create your report or to deal with your tasks. This is why, if you are not used to using a computer, it’s high time you start learning about this. Being a computer literate does not mean knowing how to use its basic functions only. You also need to familiarize some of its other functions like scanning, printing and more. 
  4. You have to be a great communicator. Being a secretary is like an overall assistant of the boss. You can also be called to relay messages from the boss to another executive. This is why, you really need to know how to communicate. You are like a middleman here as well. 
  5. And lastly, you also need to know how to take notes during meetings. This is one of your tasks and though there might be time that you won’t need to do this, but that is only rare. Most of the time, you will really have to take down the minutes of a meeting. 

As mentioned above, you are in a very competitive environment. Thus, you really should do your best to excel in your craft. You should enrich yourself with the things a secretary must do.