Better Work Environment In The Maritime Industry

Sustainability in the maritime industry is not supposed to be only seen through the lens of the economic and environmental scope. It goes beyond that and has one more factor. This factor involves the responsibility of the maritime industry towards its workers, their safety, and health. 

Over the years we have heard endless stories of wage gaps in the industry, the inequalities, the differentiation, and the lack of safety on board.  With the growing trends and number of people in the maritime industry, it is our responsibility to ensure that social sustainability is also assured just as we work on environmental sustainability. Companies claim that they are sustainable and it is our duty to ask the questions. “How do you treat your employees”, “ do they have proper training and equipment”, “how much as they paid and it is above or below the minimum wage”, “what are the future steps taken toward improving social sustainability in the maritime industry”. We need answers to all of these questions as consumers who depend on shipping services and the global supply chain. 

Inclusivity And Diversity 

The maritime industry is still largely male-dominated. Sustainability begins in the maritime industry when we take steps towards a more inclusive and diverse environment. Many companies have been hesitant to embrace diversity in the workplace. Diversity is more than just crucial in the maritime industry. The maritime industry needs to set up better regulations and rules to give equal opportunities to people of all genders, minorities, ethnicities, and even different racial backgrounds. There should be no discrimination between genders or ethnicities as far as sustainability is concerned. People from all over the world and from different locations should work together in the maritime industry.

Integrating Technology 

Technology in the maritime industry is not only going to help with the progression of its business but it will also evolve the wellbeing and safety of workers. Maritime technology can be used to improve work productivity, efficiency and implement safer working environments.  Working conditions can be eased and improved as we integrate more applications of artificial intelligence and the internet of things that are on board. 

Better Vessel Design 

How good is the maritime vessel that is home to many different workers for prolonged periods of time? Is it habitable and safe for workers that are on board?  The vessel design is integrated into many aspects of employees. It includes the balance between their work and personal life, the engagement between workers on the vessel, the efficiency of the workers, as well as their safety. Without implementing ways to improve vessel efficiency and better designs, you cannot improve the work output and quality.

The world realizes the need for more inclusivity, equality, and safety in the maritime industry. More research needs to be done to understand the sustainable efforts and alternatives we can implement in the work environment. Technology is bound to make the improvements easier and the pandemic has made our shift to digital solutions even more. Many marine services malaysia comes with digital solutions for their employees as well as their customers to make processes easier and better. 

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