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Common Medicine Names To Be Familiar With

You don’t really need a pharmacy course university to know the common names of medicines that you may take whenever you are experiencing common symptoms such as coughs and sneezes. With the Internet today, you could Google for the names of medicines that your family might have in the house.

Still, even with Google, you have to understand and memorize these names and their exact suitability for certain symptoms. Note them down when you can, so you have an easier time in referencing between the list and the meds that you currently have at home.


Antihistamines are mostly used to treat allergy symptoms such as hay fever, conjunctivitis and reactions to insect bites or stings, like bees. Sometimes, motion sickness is also treated and, as a short-term treatment, insomnia is not an exception too.

Antihistamines are available in tablets, oral liquid, topical ointment, eye drops, capsules and suppositories. They can be bought in pharmacies, though some are only available as prescriptions. For that category, it can only be taken in a fixed schedule or when symptoms start to occur.

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Hydrocodone medicines belong to a category of narcotic analgesics, or pain medicines. It is used to relieve severe pain by acting on your central nervous systems, and when you are an adult, as a cough suppressant. 

Hydrocodone is available in the form of tablets or oral liquids. Whether you have eaten at that hour, for every 12 hours hydrocodone must be swallowed. Do not overdose as this medicine can make you addicted to it.


If you have asthma, albuterol is the medicine for you. Besides coming in the inhaler that you may have now, it is also available as tablets, oral liquids and nebule. It is also used to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD. COPD is a group of diseases that affects your lungs and airways.

Albuterol treats your asthma by relaxing the muscles in the airways so you can breathe easier. This medicine must be taken orally or by inhaling, both according to the doctor’s prescription.


Atorvastatin is a medicine you take when you are suffering from high cholesterol. It also prevents you from getting heart diseases, a reason that may be explained to you by the doctor that prescribed you such. This happens if your family has a history of heart diseases or a long-term condition such as types 1 or 2 diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis.

It is available as tablets, including ones that you can chew if you have difficulty swallowing. You can only get atorvastatin as prescriptions, and generally it should be taken only once a day unless you want to experience headaches, nausea, diarrhea and cold-like symptoms.

Cholesterol, however, can be avoided if you watch your diet and not eat too many foods that can affect your heart in the future. Don’t eat too much fast food on a daily or weekly basis and regulate your nutrition. Balance them with vegetables, fruit and so on. Take vitamins to supplement your body with other nutrients too.

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