SAP integrated business planning Malaysia

Disadvantages Of SAP To Be Wary Of

Launching your SAP integrated business planning Malaysia is a great idea to further enhance your existing business by increasing productivity and saving time. Every vital process is done by the system, and even better, you only have to manage through its mobile application whenever you are outside your workplace.

Before you sink your investments into SAP however, you should have done some research regarding its pros and cons, and whether the current state of your business really needs an integration with an SAP system. Otherwise, you may either find yourself in financial trouble or it turns out that managing the system for the first time may be harder than you initially think.

High price

One obstacle that you will meet before you even get to purchase an SAP system is high initial investment, which is factored by its functions and other applications that you might purchase together with the main system. If your business does not have enough budget to afford it, you best stick with your manual cash registers and inventories for the time being.

Furthermore, it can also be pricey when it comes to maintaining and repairing any faults in SAP. The longer you leave it be without fixing, the more likely your SAP may become unreliable to our business, and thus may have to be shut down entirely and reverted back to manual organization.

Meanwhile, you also have to pay employees a higher salary, possibly than their initial positions prior to your implementation with SAP. For this reason, your business funds should ideally exceed the amount of SAP’s initial price so you can cover anything else that comes after.

On the bright side, SAP’s capabilities can yield you a higher return of investment when correctly managed and organized, and it is a one time purchase too, assuming you don’t introduce any errors or viruses.

Digital vulnerability

SAP integrated business planning Malaysia is vulnerable

Speaking of viruses, since SAP is entirely digital, it can be vulnerable to online attacks if its security is poorly reinforced. A successful virus breach can cost much of your hard earned data, and to try to bring them back can be a pain unless you have some sort of backup.

Luckily for you, SAP has a virus scan interface that does its job like an antivirus in your personal computer. Basically, any external data like documents, images and binaries that are considered insecure will be identified as a threat if they happen to be malicious codes upon scanning.


Another annoyance attributed to SAP is its periodic updates for every few years. This means checking every SAP application that is installed to manage your business and waiting for who knows how long to update. Some features may disappear or change drastically so that updates can be a confusing affair.

To remedy this, look out for any official news of SAP updates, changes or even errors that may be impactful enough to be reported in the media. Back up copies of your data to avoid losing the last updated works and let your employees know regarding imminent updates so they can be ready too.

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