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Bright side of becoming a lab technician


Generally lab assistants work pretty commonly and they would need to accomplish similar tasks in rotation daily. However the job scope provided to a lab technician may vary according to their setting of the lab. A school laboratory’s technician comparatively involves themselves in few tasks daily compared to lab technicians who work in a hospital’s lab or those lab technicians who work in university and colleges. Here are some of the job scope of a laboratory assistant: 

  • Prepare items and equipments according the the practises that the lab practitioners are going to perform 
  • Conducting quality checks towards the lab equipments from time to time
  • Perform lab tests
  • Prepare needed samples or specimens, if the research require any 
  • Maintain the overall cleanliness of the laboratory research equipment malaysia
  • Check all the stocks for equipments and tools in the lab 
  • Place order if the supply are needed more 
  • Help practitioners interpret results data 
  • Do all the administrative tasks. 
  • Offer supervision for students 

Advantages of becoming a lab tech in Malaysia 

Has great job growth 

Lab technician is a field that certainly has great job growth. You can always start small and work your way up in this job. Of course it would be difficult for you to straight away land a job as lab technician in big hospitals or dna labs. As you start working in a normal lab setting, you gain experience and working years credits first. With the gained experience you are able to apply working in bigger labs. 

Plenty of job opportunity 

You essentially do not need to worry about not being able to secure a job placement after you have completed studying into becoming a lab technician. Best believe, there are many opportunities for you to seek a job for. Though lab technicians are wanted more in medical facilities in hospitals, they can also work in other settings like industrial lab, research labs, clinic and also lab in school and colleges. As long as there is a lab setting, rest assured you have an opportunity to work.

Able to specialize 

Just like any other field, becoming a lab technician would also mean that you are able to specialize specific fields of your interest that you would discover upon becoming a lab technician yourself. Some of the common specializations include chemistry, microbiology, hematology and many more. You may even have the opportunity to specialize in areas like hematology and coagulation as you discover yourself in larger settings. 

Wide variety of task

Becoming a lab technician is definitely not like your ordinary 9-5 desk job that requires you to sit in one place and do the same mundane job every single day. If you become a lab technician, you would always need to be on your feet in completing your daily tasks and each day you might have different tasks to do according to its needs. From checking, supervising, assisting and doing it on your own, you literally are an all rounder. 

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