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Essential Lab Equipment in Your Chemical Lab

The chemistry lab is the center where many chemical experiments are tested, plans are incubated, discussed and practiced. Scientists work diligently in chemistry laboratories and study many chemical materials. They do this through a variety of lab equipment in chemistry labs. These equipment are the material basis of scientific research and are required for the preparation and conduct of many research processes. If you need chemistry lab equipment to complete your experimental work, and you are looking for lab equipment supplier in Malaysia, you may contact MYLAB for more information. However, in this article, I will introduce some of the necessary equipment for chemistry experiments to provide you with information as a reference.

lab equipment supplier in Malaysia

Necessary Equipment in Chemistry Labs

Thermometers: In experiments, two types of thermometers are commonly used: glass thermometers and steel thermometers. Glass thermometer is divided into glass rod thermometer and glass tube thermometer. It is the use of the heat absorbed by the inner wall of the glass column and the difference between the heat absorbed by the top of the glass column to measure the body temperature of the equipment, the measured object absorbed for a period of time after the measured heat value that is the actual temperature of the object to be measured. And steel thermometer is the use of steel surface resistance will be measured when the thermal conductivity of the measured object is reduced to a certain degree to measure the results of its room temperature, the calorific value of the equipment.

Standard solution: In order to facilitate the determination of the nature, composition and concentration of substances, in the equipment, generally have a standard solution, mainly divided into three categories: a. standard solution of hydrolysis, that is, the preparation of the solution obtained; b. in the solution preparation process to prepare the solution obtained; c. solid, semi-solid or liquid substances, but also the raw material when prepared into a liquid substance. But no matter what kind of raw materials made from the solution, its composition and concentration should meet the conditions for the preparation of standard solutions for its test use.

lab equipment supplier in Malaysia

Standard balance: The balance is the basic apparatus of the weight weighing test, its accuracy is directly related to the quality of experimental materials and the accuracy of chemical experiments, and also determines whether the chemist’s experiments can get accurate and reliable results. The weights of a balance are divided into two types, standard balance and non-standard balance, according to the size and accuracy of the weight. Standard balances are accurate, stable, reliable, do not vary much in volume, are inexpensive, and are usually used in chemical analysis, sample weighing, environmental testing, and other metrology processes. While the weighing accuracy of non-standard balance generally will not meet the requirements, and is not stable and reliable, cheap, usually used for daily lab work, its accuracy is also not as good as the standard balance.

Elemental analysis calculator: This equipment consists of balance, flow meter, colorimeter and elemental analyzer. It is a lab equipment that is easy to operate, fast and reliable in determining results. It can calculate the content and type of various elements in chemical substances with high accuracy.