Clinical laboratory career

The clinical laboratory career has the mission of training graduates in clinical laboratory with ethical and humanistic values, with the ability to base, interpret and apply the processes, methods and diagnostic techniques in biological samples through biotechnology. This is to issue validated results and trustworthy in order to contribute with health personnel in processes of

Invest in the Property Business in Malaysia

Investment means putting money in any project for profit.  Investment is not a game for everybody. This game needs a lot of experience, knowledge, intelligence, and diligence. Investment is done after research and after accumulating data or information concerning the sector. Apart from these things aptitude, interest, and motivation in specific fields is also very

How To Create A Website

Creating a website could be an advantage for your own self especially the ones who are working on their own business. You can create a website for a multi-purpose. It can be for your own portfolio or for your business purpose as has been mentioned just now. Basically, it can be anything. Creating your own