Jom Apply Time internet plan Malaysia

Your house still has no WIFI? 

Nowadays, in this digital era, everyone is using the internet to do anything. In addition to the Covid-19 pandemic, even school sometimes is conducted online depending on the Covid – 19 cases at the school. While the education system is starting to take place online, there is a need to have good access to the internet because it is not a desire anymore. Now, having a gadget or laptop or computer for kids is not something weird anymore as it is one of the essential tools for them to keep learning, but of course with the observation from the parents. Same goes for adults, there is a need to have a good internet connection at home as sometimes they need to attend work from home. However, the internet connection just using the smartphones sometimes is not strong enough for you to do your work, or even to use your internet hotspot for the other gadgets. That is why you need a WiFi at your home, to ease everyone in your house, from adults to children. Now, there are various internet plans available that you can choose. One of them is TIME internet. We will be looking at what plans they are offering to you. Jom Apply Time internet plan Malaysia

Why choose TIME internet? 

  1. Fastest speed

Time has the fastest speeds that everyone needs. The speeds can go up to 1 Gbps! Making it the fastest in Malaysia. TIME internet is also said to be the fastest service in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Penang. 

  1. 100% fiber

Do you know what fiber internet actually is? Fiber internet is the latest technology of transferring the data worldwide. It is much faster than the cable, and it could carry huge amounts of data in only one single line. With this technology, you could use multiple devices to be connected to Time wifi that you have bought. 

  1. Affordable

Time internet is quite affordable compared to other telco plans. There are few plans that you could choose, maybe according to your needs and the number of internet users at your home. The first plan is the plan with 100Mbps internet speed in which it only costs RM99 per month. Second, 500 Mbps internet speed which costs RM139 per month. But what’s special about this plan is that you will get free mesh wifi. The third plan is 1Gbps high speed internet which costs RM199 monthly, and you can also get free mesh wifi. All of these plans have a contract term for 24 months. 

How do I know if my house can install fiber internet? 

Fiber internet is actually expensive, considering its special technology. That is why to be able to put fiber internet at your house, you need to know whether there are already other houses in your area that have applied this type of fiber internet. If the fiber internet already exists in your area because other people have already applied and are using it, you do not have to worry. But if the area of your house has no access yet to fiber internet, you should apply for it first and perhaps ask your neighborhood if any of them want to join using fiber internet. Usually they will proceed if there are few houses in your area that would want to install this fiber internet too. But if you are not sure, just apply for it and wait for them to reply. 

What makes fiber internet differ with copper cable internet

  1. Cable size

The weight of the cable used to transmit the internet is actually closely related with the speed of the internet transmitted through the copper cable. That is why copper cable internet sometimes has slower speed as the cables are too heavy. The speed of a fiber cable is not proportional to its size, and it weighs significantly less than copper cable does.

  1. More sturdier 

Copper cable is an innovation that is a more delicate technology. On average, it can withstand about 25 pounds of pressure without being disrupted or broken. In contrast, fiber on the other hand, it is capable of withstanding pressure of 100-200 pounds of pressure thus indicates that it is significantly less likely to be broken or 

damaged because of the pressure. 

  1. Reliability

There are various factors that may interrupt the copper cable internet. Changes in temperature, severe thunderstorms, and moisture all can result in a loss of interconnection. Due to the fact that it carries current flow, old or worn copper could actually pose a fire hazard. Copper presents a number of extra reliability issues, one of which is the possibility of interruption from electronic or radio waves. In addition, workers of the telephone company have access to the copper wires inside the building, and it is not unknown that they make a mistake with the wrong wires. 

In conclusion, you should really consider getting fiber WiFi at your home to ease your work. If you have small kids and you are worried about the safety of internet access, you can observe their use. Do not let them be with their gadgets all the time. TIME WiFi is the best internet plan that you should consider applying to. Do not be hesitant about the price, as it is affordable considering it can be used to many devices and users. If you still have doubts about having which plan that you want, you may ask opinion from the TIME’s staff on which plan is suitable for your home.