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People or things are moved from one place to another using a tool or vehicle that is driven by a person or a machine. Transportation makes it easier for people to get around and do their daily tasks. Transportation can be done by land, sea, river, or air.

Since the need for transportation is thought to be endless, the idea of making ships that can sail at sea is getting more attention. There are also many different kinds of ships that have been used. Here are the different kinds of ships that usually sail on the sea and what they do, which is important to know.

Container Ship

1. Ferry Ship

The ferry ship is great for people who like to move from one place to another. This is a type of passenger ship that sails between islands or other places for short distances. This type of ship is a very important way to get from one place to another.

Ferries meet the requirements for sailing at sea and are used for many things at sea. The berths are often built to order so that ships can dock quickly and people can get on and off with ease.

2. Cargo Ship

This ship is used to deliver commodities, as the name implies. This type of ship, which is often called a “cargo ship,” is like all the ships that carry goods for international trade along the oceans and seas of the world every year.

This kind of ship is used to get food from one part of the island to another. With the cargo ship, it’s easier to get things that people need.

With this ship, it’s also easier to get what people need. Cargo ships are usually built with cranes and other tools to make loading and unloading easier. They come in different sizes.

3. Tanker Ship

Tankers, which are useful for transporting oil and all its derivatives, have a safer design than other types of transport vessels. In general, there are two kinds of tankers: those that carry products and those that carry crude oil.

An oil product tanker is a type of tanker that is used to move crude oil mining products that have not been refined. When moving goods, this ship can tell the difference between clean and dirty goods.

4. Naval Ships

A naval ship is a type of ship that is used by the army for military tasks. Naval ships are the official ships of the government, and each has its own specialties. As a way to identify the ship, the national flag is put on every naval ship.

Some examples include 6 frigate-type warships, fast missile boats, and patrol boats.

5. Fishing boats

A fishing boat is a ship or boat that is used to catch fish in the ocean, a lake, or a river. Commercial, community, and recreational fishing all use different kinds of boats.

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