The Airtight Containers With All the Specifications

freezer-safe containers for food Malaysia

The airtight container is made of clear glass, allowing you to see what’s within. With a diameter of 3.15 inches, it can hold 450 millilitres of liquid weight in its 4.76-inch diameter. The jar is made of borosilicate glass, which has a longer life expectancy and is less prone to break by mistake than other types of glass.

Rubbermaid’s Food Storage Containers

In terms of stackability and user-friendliness, Rubbermaid containers are typically regarded as some of the best-sealed boxes with considerable wall thickness. They are durable, leak-proof, and suitable for a wide range of food goods. Keep your food fresher for longer with these containers, which are resistant to stains and odours. Choosing freezer-safe containers for food Malaysia is essential there.

A Rice Storage Container

freezer-safe containers for food Malaysia

The one-of-a-kind rice storage container simplifies the procedure of storing rice.

It has a dispenser spout and a measuring cup, making it convenient to measure out liquids. The two sets of locking rings in the five-pound box help to keep the food fresh and secure for a long time. The handle makes it convenient to carry, and the transparent design allows you can see what’s within.

Set of Hermetic Sealing Containers for Storage

This glass container set may be just what you’re looking for if you’re a fan of the material. The following is an example: High-quality borosilicate glass and a thin stainless steel coating coat the lid of this jar. There are three various sizes of containers included in the set: small, medium, and large. A loop handle on each container makes it easy to hold. A dishwasher may be used to clean the remainder of the box except for the lids.

Jars and tin canisters Mason Jar Glass

There are four airtight tiny Mason jars in this set, each with a hinged lid. Glass jars like these may be used to store dry goods like spices and sweets in a way that is both safe and beneficial for you and your loved ones. Each jar can hold up to 32 ounces of food and does not leak any chemicals or colour into the meal. They may last a long time if they are properly cleaned and maintained.

Set of 3 Glass Jars

This glass container set is ideal for keeping chocolates, nuts, or seeds in an attractive jar. Jars of three distinct sizes are included in this collection. What keeps your food fresh is the bamboo lids that come with the clear glass jars, which have silicone sealing rings attached. You can also use them as a container for microwave-cooked food after removing the top. The eco-friendly food storage jar set is not only good for the earth, but it is also a great present idea.

Hermetically Sealed Food Storage Containers

It has created a set of eight transparent, airtight plastic containers so that you can see what’s inside and keep your kitchen more orderly. When you want to open or close the boxes, you have to accomplish so by flipping up and down rings on the boxes. Additional blackboard labels and a pen are included to help you organise the mall.

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