Titanium dioxide application in construction

Titanium dioxide (TiO 2) is a bright white substance used primarily as an intense colorant in a wide range of common products. It also has several lesser-known qualities that make it an extremely useful and important ingredient in the fight against climate change and for the prevention of skin cancer.

Titanium white pigment is the whitest substance, with greater staining power, better finish, chemical stability and resistance to light that exists to prepare artistic paintings, it is also non-toxic. Its use dates from the late nineteenth century, its characteristics have made it the favorite of artists since then. Other white pigments that had been used such as those made of zinc, lead and lithopone; they were relegated to the background since the appearance of titanium white.

Main Characteristics of Titanium Dioxide

TiO2 are also characterized by having a regular surface treatment that allows them to improve their dispersibility properties, covering power, compatibility with surfaces and less oil absorption. The treatments commonly used are Inorganic with Alumina, Silica or Zinc.

Among the points that must be analyzed to choose a Titanium Dioxide, the following stand out:

Whiteness, it is important that the TiO2 does not yellow and that it has an adequate brightness.

Dispersibility, which is easy to incorporate into the system.

Opacity, which has an excellent covering power.

Oil absorption, keep it as low as possible.

Pigmented Titanium Dioxide

Supplying correct titanium dioxide Malaysia is Tianhong Tio2’s task. High quality and competitive price are key points that are separated with customers all the time. 

1) Product introduction of the pigment titanium dioxide

This titanium dioxide pigment is strictly under the production of processed sulfate and for general-purpose applications. Providing the correct target is the basic function of it.

2) Applications of Pigmented

Titanium Dioxide This Titanium Dioxide pigment is a professional product designed for general purpose applications, and widely used in coatings, paints, plastics and color paste and sheet productions.

What are the main characteristics of this titanium dioxide pigment?

The bluish tone with great whiteness, the ease of dispersion and the high hiding power and brightness are the main characteristics of this Tio2 pigment. For more articles like this one, click here.

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