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Health Benefits You Stand To Get Just From Having Sex! Part 1

Sex is probably one of the most talked-about topics among people. Not just because of how almost every human craves it, but also because of how, like ice cream, it comes in a variety of flavours and toppings. From sex between two men or two women to having threesomes, the varied forms are just endless. For some, just the act of shopping for new sex toys for women in Secret Cherry is enough to stimulate and excite them into orgasming. But despite this excitement, did you know one of the add-ons you stand to get from having sex is health benefits? Imagine that, getting healthier just from having sex. Let’s talk about it, shall we?

Burning Calories

These are probably words people would like to hear the most, and that is ‘easy ways to burn calories’. Especially for very body-conscious people, this is one tip for you. Have sex, in fact, have daily sex. The myth about sex being able to burn calories is actually a fact. Imagine being able to burn twice as much of the calories you would burn on the treadmill by running 30 minutes when you have sex for 30 minutes. In fact, even kissing is able to help you burn calories, albeit it’s not as helpful as actual sex. So what are you waiting for… get to it. 

Good Sleep

The next health benefit you stand to get from having sex is a good night’s rest. This is due to the hormone called oxytocin released by the body when you have sex. This hormone is responsible for the happiness that you feel. Your body also releases endorphins which are natural pain killers that aid in relaxing and comforting the body. With both these hormones at their heights in your body, you are sure to have a great night’s sleep. 

new sex toys for women in Secret Cherry

Stress Reliever

Remember how I mentioned that sex causes your body to release the pain-killing hormones called endorphins. Well, not only do these endorphins offer you a good night’s sleep, but also does it serve as a natural stress reliever. And according to doctors, sex appears to be both the healthiest and quickest way to relieve stress. 

Get Rid Of Blood Pressure

Although not entirely, you can reduce the risk of increasing your blood pressure by simply having sex. This is related to your stress level. It is universally known that relieving stress, reduces the risks of getting blood pressure. Excessive stress, on the other hand, can increase the chance of having high blood pressure. The more you have sex, the more you’ll notice that you’re reducing stress and so lowering your risk of getting high blood pressure. If you don’t have a partner then have no fear. This is because masturbation also lowers blood pressure by relaxing nerves and keeping your mind alert.

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